Come On Feel The NO ICE


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released May 6, 2016

This album is dedicated to the memory of Katy Stossel and Dan McLane.

Produced, engineered and mixed by Oliver Ignatius at Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen 2013-2015.

Jamie Frey: vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, bass (2, 3, 11), piano (1, 2), keys (6)
Jesse Katz: drums, vocals (4, 8, 12)
Jacob Katz: bass, vocals (4)
Gwynn Galitzer: vocals (1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12)
John-Severin Napolillo: electric guitars, slide guitar (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13) vocals (4)
Sean Spada: keys (1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10), piano (12, 13) tambourine (6) vocals (4)


Oliver Ignatius: vocals (1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12) guitar (9), piano (6), tambourine (4, 8)
Chadbourne Oliver: vocals (6)
Madeline Gioia: alto sax (13) vocals, (8, 12)
Jake Warren: tenor sax (13), vocals (8, 12)
Marco Sanchez: trombone (13), vocals (8, 12)
Dan McLane: vocals (8, 12)

All music & lyrics by Jamie Frey except "Eat This Heart" lyrics by Saskia Kahn and "Memories" by Leonard Cohen and Phil Spector.

Cover art by Russell Hymowitz.

Special thanks to Sam Braverman, Jordan Smith, Jim Testa, Jonny Katz and Street Wannabes, Evan O'Donnell, Robert Frey, Judy Stossel, David Katz, Linda Stern, Jeffrey Galitzer, John & Linda Napolillo, Freddy's Bar, The Harmonica Lewinskies, Saskia Kahn, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, Stuart Solomon, Olivia Russin, Zack Wheeler & the Aviv crew, Russell Hymowitz, Brian Chillemi, Bodega Bay, Rose Blanshei, Katie Davis, Moon Crashers, Ethan Donway, Brian LaRue, Maria Lina, Sean Padden, Chadbourne Oliver, Tarra Thiessen, Paul Westerberg, Evan Dando, Liz Phair, Big Star, Pavement, Robert Pollard, Joni Mitchell, Chet Baker, New Order, Bruce Springsteen, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Prince, Oliver, Bernadette and Lennon Ignatius and the MCFK family.


all rights reserved


Track Name: The Cemetery
I know I should've though this through
but I can't control my mind
when my eyes are lookin' at you

and I know this will pass
and that nothing ever lasts
but I don't know what else I could do
so I walk to the cemetery
and I walk to the cemetery

I don't know the point of all of this
but as sure as I'm gonna die
I'm dyin' for your kiss

and I know that it's not fair
and you probably don't care
but I won't get my fix til' I'm fixed beneath your stare

gonna find myself, I'm gonna blind myself
I'm gonna take it all away
I'm gonna mend myself I can't defend myself
I'm gonna shake my blues away

I don't need to slit my wrist
I don't need to bleed to know I exist
and be sure that I ain't lying
I'm just 28 and I don't mind dying
I just wanna live somewhere on your list
Track Name: Summer Bummer
I hope I meet you sometime this summer
some night when I'm out walking
you'll tell me all your bummers

the crystal night's approaching
the subject we've been broaching
i wish I had a potion to make you love me again

see the cosmic twilights singing
hear the corner Chiffons swinging
hear the chapel bells a' ringing
she'll never love you again

so bury me in the graveyard
by the sidewalks that bring me to your house
for the shadows they follow me aimless
wherever I may ago
Track Name: Darlin'
darlin lover I wanna take you low
past the beauty and down to the floor of the soul
strung out on the things that you don't understand
won't you dive on down and take my hand?

darlin lover I wanna get you high
past the streets and down to the scene of the crime
city limits approach take your hands off the wheel
feel the white heat in the grasp of the steel

darlin lover never to return
stand across the street as you watch it burn
darlin love you've got death in your eyes
stay up all night and watch another sun rise
Track Name: Leave Her Alone
(leave her alone)
don't tell her that you love her
don't tell her that you need her
just leave her with the other man

even though you might want her
and she may even haunt your dreams
don't you know he treats her right

and when you say goodnight
let her know that it's goodbye
cause you want her to be happy
and it makes you feel crappy
you really gotta do what's right

(just stay at home)
though you're dying just to see her
(put down the phone)
thought you only wanna hear her voice
stand by your choice

and pretend you'd rather be alone
and when you walk down that street
pretend it's her face you don't see
and when you close your eyes
someday you'll realize
the love you left behind

(leave her alone)
though you're dying just to see her
and you only wanna hear her voice
and no, you never wanna be alone
Track Name: I Want You
never been afraid to say what I mean
I see your face you're so cool that i scream

I'm not the kind that's gonna make you cry
all I wanna do is just get you high
so what you gonna do with another guy when I want you?

your skin is so thin I can see right through it
your heart is onsale how could you do it?

if I could be with you in another life
it might be ok to let you walk on by
you're in my world and you gotta know that I want you

you don't even know what you are
you're a killer queen, you're a silent film star
yeah I may be smart but I lost my words
to the light in your eyes, hem of your skirt

baby, I'm not trying to make a scene
as you enter my veins like a drip of morphine

if I could be with you in another world
I'd be you man and you'd be my girl
we'd never be poor and we'd never get hurt when I want you
Track Name: We Get High Together
when I'm feeling sad and lonely
when I wanna get real stoned and
forget what's bothering me
have some real good company

walk down to street to your house
up the steps and ring the bell
you come out and let me in
end all my suffering

yeah we hang out with your dog
listen to your favorite rap songs
let's roll another spliff
tell me about all your problems
tell me all your favorite stories
conversation never boring
hey, can you pass that lighter?
secretly my heart's on fire

being around you gets me high and we get high together
being around makes me die and we get high together

yeah, we get along so well
no one else could ever tell
wanna tell you I adore ya
what am I waiting for?

god, I'm such a stupid wimp
maybe I'm too high to thing
hey, can you pass that lighter?
secretly my heart's on fire

it's almost like I know you forever, but i don't know you that well
I've been thinking so much about you, I wonder if you can tell

and I'll tell you one thing baby
coming up someday maybe
gonna tell you how I feel
tell you that my love is real

hangin' out in your apartment
that's how the whole thing started
don't you know I'm dying for ya?
can't I just be your boyfriend?

take you wherever you wanna go
teach me everything that you know
listen to your favorite songs
hangin' out with your dog

life don't have to be so tragic
we could have a little magic
baby, do I have a point?
should we roll another joint?
Track Name: Change Your Mind
tell the truth
am I hanging round like a rotten tooth in your mouth?
so you're thinking it all went south
so what's the use?

I can tell by your mouth
that you're tired of me laying on your couch
your heart is moving on and your face can vouch

let me change your mind
tell me what to do
doesn't matter how far behind I am
cause I love you

a few weeks ago
you loved me so much it hurt your should
but all things must pass and I should just go

let me be the one that holds you
I'm the one that really knows you
no matter what we go through
I'm the one that really knows you
Track Name: Out With The Brats
out on a weekday, feeling so weak and gray
dissatisfaction, I need some action
I gotta get away

so I go where they won't find me

when I'm out with the brats I don't feel so old anymore
when I'm out with the brats I don't feel so cold anymore
when I'm out with the brats I don't feel so uptight
when I'm out with the brats I just feel alright

home on a sunday wasn't a fun day, no
got the TV on, latest disease on display

and I know where I gotta go

meet me out with with brats tonight
Track Name: Guitar
I'm in love with my guitar
she always lets me know where I stand

I'm exactly who I am
but I always gotta know where I stand

Yeah, I always sing the blues
I can't get no satisfaction and baby, I was born to lose

I'm excited and I'm scared
I'm a wimp but I will dare
all alone and ill prepared
yeah, I know

I'm in love with my guitar
she's gonna take me far, yeah, I know

when I'm worthless and I'm weak
and I'm too fucked up to speak
I just pick up my guitar and I go

here I go
Track Name: TBD
ships they cross the ocean
workers get promotion
whatever will be will be
but I don't know what'll happen to me

some will get famous, some willl get ashamed
and some of us will go down in infamy
but I don't know what'll happen to me

some will get smarter, some'll get dumber
some will get rich and some become bums

some of us will last and some of us will pass
some will end up in the infirmary

hard to say what the future brings
no one knows for sure
when I think about the odds of things
I don't wanna know
Track Name: Eat This Heart (Winter Version)
if there's one cent of dread in your eyes
you can kiss this night goodbye
you won't know softness if you pretend to be hard

and I'll climb a mountain
I'll be the mountain
that lifts you up so high

knock me outta bed
cause it ain't safe to climb in the dark
oh no, not in the dark
cause the wolves that lurk behind the bark
could easily take away and eat this heart
Track Name: Five Beers
where do you see yourself in five beers?
walking alone, headphones in your ears
search for a restaurant that's open all night
walking alone, I'm alright

when I get home, I'll watch my favorite shows
smoke a few bowls, don't wear pants anymore
laughing alone to those comedies I adore
when I get home, I'm alright

here at the bar, pretty girls are everywhere
drink with your friends, try not to stare
if I took one home, I'd treat her precious as a pear
pretty girls, you're alright

where do you see yourself at the end of this night?
when the bars close, the streets they will invite
want a hand to hold, but there isn't one in sight
loves that are old, will you hold them to the light of day
a brand new face holds promise in her eyes
could you fall in love or are you doomed back to your room alone?
say hello, but the hour's getting late
could you propose or are you doomed to your true fate?

walking alone, liquor in your brain
walking alone I'm alright

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